By real innovation. To fight global warming, we must drastically change the way we do things. This will not be done by the big established corporations. But, instead of blaming these corporations we need to start innovating. Blaming and accusing will do nothing. We must innovate so drastically that others cannot ignore us.

A lot of capital is needed for the energy transition. The whole infrastructure must be changed. This is also one of the reasons why we believe that hydrogen will be the solution to global warming. One of the easiest places to start are cargo ships. To drastically innovate we must think and start BIG. The biggest container ship OOCL HONKONG costs USD 950 million. If we can make this cheaper and run on HYDROGEN, we have solved global warming. Why? Because nothing is bigger. Solving this solves infrastructure, solves big machinery, and solves doubts.

We need a lot of capital to start innovating. Schroders estimates this to be USD 120 trillion! At HYDISON we strongly believe, thanks to the innovating power of humanity, that much less money is needed. Hydrogen technology is not new. We just must commit. And this is where HYDISON stands! One vision, one goal. Solve global warming.

Thanks to the innovating power of decentralized finance, we do not have to deal with the establishment anymore. How? By using the power of decentralized finance. We can raise money without costly unnecessary rules and regulations. Therefore, we will first try to raise money using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's).

DISCLAIMER: Buying a NFT gives you no legal rights. Do not invest (buy) if you cannot afford to lose all your investment. The value of a NFT is only determined by supply and demand.